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PS5 Sold 32.1m Consoles But Is Still Trailing Behind PS4

PS5 sales have reached 32.1 million units worldwide but the console is still trailing behind PS4 sales at the same point in their life cycles. Sony Interactive Entertainment boasted a strong third quarter for FY 2022, with a 13 percent year-on-year increase in revenue and 7.1 million PS5s shipped during the third quarter ended December 31, 2022.

PS5 sales trailing behind PS4 sales by 5.6 million units

After a little over two years on the market, PS5 is behind PS4 by about 5.6 million units. At this point in time, the PS4 had shipped 37.7 million consoles.

Putting aside the comparison and looking at PS5 alone, the console has seen a significant year-on-year sales increase of 82.05 percent. Where it sold 7.1 million in Q3 2022, the PS5 sold just 3.9 million the previous year. This indicates an improved supply and confirms that PS5 price increase in some regions has had negligible impact on sales.

Overall, this is SIE’s biggest third financial quarter, during which it earned the highest revenue posted by any platform holder. The company also posted its highest recorded operating income in Q3 2022. Gaming and network services revenue and operating profits are both up year-on-year.

On the PS Plus side, Sony saw a 2.2 percent increase in subscribers since the last quarter. PS Plus now has 46.4 million subscribers.