Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Release Date Confirmed, Includes All DLC Launched so Far

Launching as a digital-only title through the PlayStation Store, Sony confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter IV is releasing for the PlayStation on May 26 in North America and Europe for $24.99.

With developer Other Ocean Interactive “putting the final touches on this fantastic version of the Capcom classic,” Gio Corsi, Director of Third Party Production for Sony Computer Entertainment America, talked about how the PS4 version includes all the available DLC:

All the characters, all the levels, and all of the DLC that have been launched so far will be included in the PS4 version of the game.

Also, a few of you hardcore Street Fighters out there said that there was minor input lag in the controls of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS3. Well, don’t worry: we’ve eliminated it to make the PS4 edition the ultimate version on any platform, so it’ll be good to go for all your tournament needs!

Will Ultra Street Fighter IV be holding you over until Street Fighter V?

[Source: PS Blog]