Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV to Launch With “Hundreds” of Songs “at Minimum”

Activision’s Senior Director of Product Management, Tyler Michaud, has told GameInformer that Guitar Hero Live‘s GHTV will launch with hundreds of songs. “At a minimum, there will be hundreds at launch on day one in GHTV alone,” he said. 

The recently announced GHTV will be a playable live music video network. Creative Director Jamie Jackson told Eurogamer last week that developer FreeStyleGames intends to give players new music “constantly” and “really quickly.” The 24-hour mode is supposed to give us access to “continually-updated collection of official music videos” so considering this and Michaud’s statement, it seems that GHTV will have a massive library of music. 

Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 are both set to release this year.

Which one of the two games are our readers planning to buy?

[Source: GameInformer]