Now Loading…Star Wars Battlefront Graphics – Is It Real? Will the Game Deliver?

With DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront trailer reveal thundering through with its “in-engine” proclamation, the internet understandably went into hyperdrive with most gamers shouting the Star Wars Battlefront graphics we’ve seen can’t possibly be representative of gameplay — regardless of what DICE vaguely says.

While it’s easy to peg what we saw as “bullshots” or from a super-specced PC version, people who’ve witnessed the actual gameplay (via NeoGAF) from the PlayStation 4 build have said the contrary — which is that the anti-aliasing is not on par with what was revealed, but for the most part, it’s a “fair” representation of the actual game. 

To this end, the staff of PlayStation LifeStyle decided to talk about this hot-button topic, and also weigh in if we think now-gen Battlefront will deliver.

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With what attendees are saying, and given the game is in early alpha code, do you think there’s a chance Battlefront on PS4 will look at par with what we’ve seen? If not, does it matter at all if the game turns out to be the best Star Wars game we’ve had since Knights of the Old Republic? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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