The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Officially Announced By Nippon Ichi

That mysterious Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) website has finally ended its countdown, revealing that the game company is working on The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival.

The site also launched another countdown that will end in 21 days, at which time a second teaser will be revealed. While the platforms the upcoming title will be released onto was not revealed, the site did say more information would be the next issue of Dengeki PlayStation this week, it will probably hit PlayStation Consoles. Recently, Nippon Ichi President Sohei Niikawa also explained that the company would primarily start focusing on developing games for PS4 and PS Vita.

What consoles do you hope The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival will come to? Are you excited to get more information on the game?

[Source: NIS via DualShockers]