Bloodborne Update 1.03 Improves Load Times by Up to 32 Seconds, According to Analysis

When Digital Foundry first looked at Bloodborne last month, they reported load times as high as 53.5 seconds when using the stock 500GB hard drive in the PlayStation 4.

Following the 200MB update 1.03 release today, Digital Foundry went back and compared the game from patch 1.01 to patch 1.03, revealing improved load times of up to 32.2 seconds when respawning at Old Yharnham, while respawning at Central Yharnham was improved by 26.4 seconds.

Using the time from when the screen cuts to black, here’s their findings when using the PS4’s 500GB hard drive:

  • Central Yharnham – 41.1 seconds (1.01), 33.8 seconds (1.03)
  • Respawn at Central Yharnham – 44.4 seconds (1.01), 18.0 seconds (1.03)
  • Tomb of Oedon – 30.0 seconds (1.01), 25.5 seconds (1.03)
  • Old Yharnham – 45.8 seconds (1.01), 31.6 seconds (1.03)
  • Respawn at Old Yharnham – 53.5 seconds (1.01), 21.3 seconds (1.03)

Testing on a Seagate 1TB SSHD Hybrid also yielded similar gains, with the results post-patch 1.03 a few seconds faster than those of the 500GB PS4 hard drive post-patch 1.03.

Despite the improvements to load times, Digital Foundry says the frame-pacing issues remain in Bloodborne, meaning the frame-rate can feel uneven.

How big of a difference have you noticed in the load times?

[Source: Eurogamer]