No Man’s Sky for PS4 Runs at 1080p and a Nearly “Faultless 30fps,” Says Analysis

Testing No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 with update 1.03 installed, Digital Foundry discovered that it runs at 1080p and a mostly solid 30 frames-per-second, though there are rare moments when it can dip to 15fps.

After failing to see much in the way of frame-rate drops while walking around on their first planet for an hour, Digital Foundry went to 11 others planets and, again, noticed a similar 30fps:

Whether it’s shooting chunks through the terrain, or sprinting around full-felt, that 30fps target doesn’t waver. And from the first 12 planets we’ve discovered and put to the test, it doesn’t appear to matter what climates or weather conditions are in play. Now the only slight downside to the frame-rate cap is the lack of motion blur to back it, in order to make panning motions appear a little smoother. But that’s a nitpick: those after super-smooth motion are best advised to wait for the PC version, but for PS4 we’re getting an evenly frame-paced delivery at a straight 30fps.

As for the ship portions in No Man’s Sky, they mostly run at 30fps. “Basically, it seems to be the case that anything that’s been procedurally generated in advance runs well to a certain point, and the same usually goes for fast traveling through space,” they add.

However, if you stress the game engine (landing on a new planet and immediately boosting across its surface is given as an example), you’ll notice that No Man’s Sky drops to 20fps. They also found lows of 13fps – 15fps, but this only “lasts as long as you continue pressing the engine and keep boosting full-speed in one direction.” Once you turn around or slow down, it’s back to 30fps.

Summing up their time with the game, Digital Foundry says, “Most of the game unfolds at a faultless 30fps,” and, “stress points aside, the obvious takeaway is that No Man’s Sky performs well on PlayStation 4 for the vast majority of its play-time.”

Have you played No Man’s Sky yet? What do you think of the performance?

[Source: Eurogamer]