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UK Gamers Have Significantly Reduced Their Amount of Pre-Ordered Games

It looks like UK gamers are not as keen on pre-ordering video games as they used to be.

According to a report done by Ipsos MORI’s GameTrack project, 20 percent of UK gamers are either purchasing less pre-orders or simply not pre-ordering games at all. Of that 20 percent, about 9 percent mentioned that they are buying less pre-orders, and 11 percent they have stopped pre-ordering all together.

The data shows that many of the gamers are waiting for prices to go down before buying video games, rather than blindly pre-ordering them at full price. The report notes that, when data is combined, gamers in the UK, Germany, Spain, and France have collectively reduced the amount of pre-order they buy by 12 percent.

Are you from the UK and do you pre-order games? Let us know why you do or why you don’t in the comments below.

[Source: MCV via IGN]