Sony Confirms P.T. Can’t Be Re-Downloaded, eBay Cracks Down on PS4’s With P.T. Pre-Installed

The other day, users were reporting that since P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store, it could no longer be downloaded, even if the user already had the game in his or her library. These reports have been confirmed by Sony, which recently sent out an notification to North American PS4 owners about the horror game.

I received the notification yesterday, which read announced that the game “cannot be re-downloaded,” but is still playable if it never was deleted from the PS4’s hard drive. NeoGAF user Tunesmith took a screenshot of the notification and mentioned it only appeared in his or her NA account, not the EU account. It was reported on Wednesday that European gamers can still download P.T..

PT PSN Notification

Since P.T. is no longer listed on the PS Store due to the Silent Hills cancellation, numerous people have tried selling PS4 consoles with the horror game installed on it for extremely high prices on eBay. Apparently, eBay has been trying to take down all such listings, but a few still remain on the online auction site in case you desperately want to play P.T.

[Source: MCV, NeoGAF]