P.T. Can No Longer Be Downloaded or Re-Downloaded Onto PS4, Even With a License

P.T. is now not only officially deleted from the PlayStation Store following the cancellation of Silent Hills, but it looks like users who already downloaded the game can no longer re-download it at all.

According to Polygon and numerous NeoGAF users, P.T. will still appear in a user’s PS4 library, but an error message will appear if someone tries to download it. As of right now, the issue only seems to be impacting North American PS Store accounts, but users have speculated that once the European Store is fully updated, it will no longer be downloadable there, either.

Of course, if you’ve already downloaded the game onto your PS4, then it is still very much playable. If you never downloaded it in the first place or deleted it to make room for something else — well, then you’re out of luck, unless you want to pay $1,400 for a PS4 for the game pre-installed on it off of eBay.

Do you still have P.T. installed on your PS4?

[Source: NeoGAF, Polygon via Eurogamer]