Sony San Diego: Kill Strain Beta in North America is “Incredibly Imminent”

It seems that the PlayStation 4 free-to-play shooter, Kill Strain, will be undergoing a closed beta in North America very soon. Speaking to DualShockers, Sony San Diego’s Director of Product Development, Pierre Hintze, said that if the closed beta is successful, the game will “definitely” be in the consumers’ hands this summer in some form.

Our closed beta here in North America is incredibly imminent. With the way these things work, if the closed beta performs as we hope it to perform, this title is going to be in our consumer’s hands definitely this summer, in one form or the other depending on what type of beta stage we’re going to be in there.

Hintze also said that the developer is aiming to achieve 1080p and 60 frames-per-second.

That’s the goal: I mean, we’re trying to have as good of a frame rate as we can get, simply because we all know that ideally 60 frames per second gives you a very, very smooth experience.

Initially announced at the PlayStation Experience event last December, Kill Strain is a top-down multiplayer game in which three teams are pitted against each other. Two teams of five humans compete over resources while fighting off a third team of mutants.

Those who are interested can still sign up for the beta here.

[Source: DualShockers]