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Sony’s Secret San Diego Studio Still Working on Its Project, Says Former Dev

John Bautista, a former developer at Sony’s not-so-secret-anymore San Diego studio, found himself in a bit of a quagmire when a two-week old tweet announcing his departure started making rounds online. We’re not sure why the tweet caught as much attention as it did, but an article on Push Square suggests that two recent resignations including Bautista’s means the studio “may be no more.”

Well, that’s not the case, according to Bautista himself. Following up on his tweet from November 12th, the developer clarified that he made the decision to move on due to his personal circumstances, and that Sony San Diego still exists and its project is still in development, as far as he’s aware.

Sony never officially unveiled this particular studio and never announced any of its projects so we’re not sure where the assumption that it might have shut down came from. For now, rest assured, Sony San Diego is alive and well. We’ll update our readers when we have more information.