Sony Building a New Development Team to Work With a ‘Major Sony Studio,’ Could Be Unannounced Naughty Dog Project

Thanks to some digging done by ResetEra users, it’s been revelaed that Sony Interactive Entertainment is building a brand new development team based out of San Diego. The details come from a job listing posted by Sony for a Gameplay engineer, and it offers some details on this new group of developers. The team is being created in partnership with the VASG, or Visual Arts Service Group, which is a Sony team that specializes in motion capture and animation. VASG has worked on many Sony exclusives, such as Uncharted, Death Stranding, and God of War.

Sony’s stable of PS4 exclusives is strong, and it looks like they are looking to make it even better. The listing confirms that the project is unannounced, but that is is being developed “in collaboration with a major Sony development studio.” Sony also mentions a high visual quality bar for the title, and a clear vision and plan for release.

The job listing can be seen here.

New Sony Development Team PS4 Exclusive

Adding fuel to the fire of speculation is a LinkedIn profile for a Naughty Dog employee that has an unannounced project listed alongside The Last of Us Part II. The job listing calls for experience with “high quality, third-person action/adventure games,” which has many thinking that this new team will carry on the Uncharted torch while Naughty Dog moves forward into The Last of Us Part II and beyond. There’s also every possibility that the new team is set to assist Naughty Dog with a brand new IP. Recent restructuring of Naughty Dog also supports the possibility of another game being developed in tandem with the second The Last of Us game.

New Sony Development Team PS4 Exclusive 1

The new Sony development team adds even more power behind the already strong first-party lineup. Even with the success of releases like God of War, Horizon, and the hype for the upcoming Spider-Man, Sony isn’t resting on their laurels. This new team shows that they want to make the most of the momentum that they’ve gained to continue to push out great PlayStation exclusive titles. If the “2018” next to Naughty Dog’s unannounced project is any indication, it’s likely we’ll see a great showing of new PlayStation exclusive titles at E3 in just a couple of months.

[Source: ResetEra]