Insomniac’s Spider-Man Swinging onto PS4 in September

Along with Game Informer’s month long coverage to accompany their Spider-Man cover for the May issue, they’ve also given us the Spider-Man PS4 release date. The wall crawler will be coming exclusively to PS4 on September 7 of this year. That’s only about five more months until we can step into the skintight red and blue suit of one of Marvel’s most lovable heroes. September 7 is earlier than the previous release date that was leaked by a retailer, though they did happen to get the month right.

The trailer above wastes no time in showing the release date, but also highlights some new gameplay and pre-order bonuses. Two of the outfits have yet to be revealed, but the first one is “Spider-Punk” and sees Spidey wearing a denim vest and studded belt over his suit. The second outfit is said to be revealed soon, with the third one being shown in July.

Game Informer’s cover story features a ton of additional details about the game, including the opening moments, exploration of the open world, and Spider-Man’s upgrades, leveling, and suit crafting. We now have a fixed target for release, so we’re sure to see a lot more information from Insomniac leading to the September 7 release.

Recently asked when Spider-Man would be coming to the Xbox One, Insomniac replied with a resounding “never.” The web-slinging teen will stay exclusively on Sony’s platform. It was revealed last month that Insomniac had a choice of which Marvel property to work on and chose to develop Spider-Man.

We’ll be keeping current on all of the Spider-Man PS4 news coming this month and beyond. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac’s Spider-Man sticks to the PS4 on September 7, but with all the great games releasing between then and now (like God of War in just 16 days!), that time will fly by.

Are you excited to finally know the Spider-Man PS4 release date?

[Source: Game Informer]