Spider man xbox One

Insomniac Says Spider-Man is ‘Never’ Coming to the Xbox One

Buzz for Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game has been at an all-time high since Game Informer announced that it would be the cover of the May issue yesterday. Along with a new trailer, they promised to have a month’s worth of coverage on the game (including the release date and some point today).

With conversation around Spider-Man stirring up, one fan on Twitter asked Insomniac, “How long till[sic] it comes to Xbox?” Insomniac has worked outside of Sony before, releasing Sunset Overdrive exclusively on Xbox One (among other games not on Sony’s platform), but don’t expect that part of their portfolio to have any bearing on Spider-Man swinging away from PS4. Insomniac got right to the point.

This may leave some to believe that the exclusivity has something to do with Sony’s rights to Spider-Man. Last month we reported that Insomniac was given a choice of Marvel property to work on, and they chose Spider-Man themselves. Another Twitter user tried to deflate things by pointing out that Insomniac chose the one Marvel property that Sony “owned,” and quickly got owned by Insomniac.

It’s easy to get confused about rights to properties, but Sony does not complete own the Marvel character. They do have rights to the Spider-Man films, which include the characters and villains that fall into that part of the Marvel universe. Sony and Marvel recently reached a deal that allowed Spider-Man to enter the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe starting with Captain America: Civil War, and then his own feature film with Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the character will continue to be a part of that larger franchise.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man is not a film tie-in, so it does not fall within the scope of the Sony film rights agreement. It seems like regardless of what Marvel property Insomniac chose to work on, it would have been in partnership with Sony as a PS4 exclusive title. Spider-Man will be swinging onto PS4 later this year. Insomniac’s Spider-Man Xbox One is happening never.