DriveClub Update 1.15 Out Now, is Around 260MB

Detailed last week, DriveClub update 1.15 is now available to download worldwide on PlayStation 4.

Taking up roughly 260MB, 1.15 brings the total of all DriveClub updates to 10.1GB.

Full details for update 1.15 are available over here, which adds support for next week’s Lamborghini Icons Expansion and Torque Tour DLC, improves stability, and raises the level cap to 55.

Regarding the level cap increase, Evolution Studios said, “All of the fame you’ve already earned will count towards your levels, so jump back into the game to level up and get new rewards if you were already over Level 50.”

For the future of DriveClub, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said the level cap will be raised again in June, “And then the month after you’ll need to complete objectives as well to level up.”

As well, Evolution is working on a Hoon-a-tic fix right now:

Hoon-a-Tic fix: We’re fixing the Drift stat issue some of you are seeing that affects the Hoon-a-tic trophy. We will keep you posted on which update that will be added to once it’s confirmed and fully tested.

Further improvements to DriveClub’s servers will enable the PlayStation Plus Edition to release at an unannounced time, with work on private lobbies being done alongside those server improvements.

What do you think of today’s update?

[Source: DriveClub (Facebook)]