Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One is “Very Large”

Scheduled to release in the early morning on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and in the early afternoon on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC, new updates for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel today will fix bugs and improve performance.

For Borderlands on PS4 and Xbox One, the update will be “very large due to the nature of the performance-improving fixes.”

Here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s Borderlands: The Handsome Collection update on PS4:

The Handsome Collection


  • Fixed various graphical issues
  • Fixed menu stretching across the screen after a player quits a split-screen game
  • Fixed an issue where players inventories were inaccurate when multiple player’s inventories were open in split-screen play
  • Improved online multiplayer connectivity
  • Fixed various controller vibration issues
  • Controller Light Bar now changes color based on the equipped weapon’s elemental effect
  • Controller Touch Pad can now be used for navigating the map screen
  • Users can now exit to the game select screen using the in-game menu
  • Various SHiFT connectivity improvements

Borderlands 2

  • Added Poker Night 2 head and skin customizations
  • Fixed an issue where some lip sync would sometimes fail to occur in non-English languages

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


  • Various performance improvements
  • Minimized screen-tearing issues
  • Added Zoom toggle option in the Video Options menu
  • Added d-pad navigation toggle (zoom/navigation) support for ECHO Menu while in split-screen
  • Fixed an issue where scoped weapons would sometimes break when teleporting to a vehicle in an online game
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen background image could fail to appear
  • Addressed an issue where scoped weapons would aim off-center in two-player vertical split-screen
  • Fixed an issue where audio could drop out while playing in split-screen in the Claptastic Voyage DLC
  • Various performance improvements
  • Various multiplayer connectivity improvements
  • Fixed visual bug with one-way fast travel stations
  • Glitched (pink) items will now display properly in the UI
  • DLC mission names will now show up on LAN lobby screens
  • Fixed bug so that glowing portions of heads appear correctly with skins
  • The Baroness’ “Custom Loads” skill will no longer erroneously apply a one-damage status effect
  • Fixed Tassitron Engineers arc weld to fire properly at players
  • Character customizations will now properly unlock for The Doppelganger and The Baroness
  • Gun graphics and animations added back to the Grinder UI
  • Teleport effects will now display properly on Deck 13
  • Players in an active Baroness contract can now duel
  • Fragtraps with the “Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold” skill can now complete the “Trouble with Space Hurps” mission
  • Remote and split-screen players can now receive loyalty rewards
  • Players using the “Nuked” controller preset can now see the “Inspect” button prompt
  • The dialog box to purchase DLC will now properly display without having to hold the “X” button
  • Fixed issue so that status effect visuals and damage match in length
  • Fixed an issue where laser ice damage was sometimes  incorrectly being dealt as shock damage
  • Changed time remaining format to two-digits for minutes and two-digits for seconds during timed missions
  • Dahl chests will no longer disappear and re-appear in Triton Flats
  • Fixed an issue where players did not receive loyalty rewards on certain PS3 models
  • Reflected laser beams will now properly display after ricocheting
  • Nel will now spawn and aggro properly
  • Players with missing backpack or bank SDU upgrade slots will automatically have additional slots added based on the number of SDU upgrades purchased
  • Fixed an issue where the “Moon Mission Meister” achievement would sometimes not unlock
  • Opha Superior is now a runnable boss
  • Fixed the objective “Open Door” that would uncheck and cause players to get stuck when running to Regolith Range after opening the canister door in Serenity’s Waste
  • Fixed an issue where the Grinder would sometimes become non-functional
  • The Grinder will now produce items over level 50 in playthroughs one and two
  • Tony Slows will now always spawn during the “Now Such Thing as a Free Lunch” mission
  • Fixed a zombie audio issue during multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed an exploit with EOS and legendary loot
  • Players can no longer spend skill points in their own skill tree while inspecting another player’s skill tree
  • Gates will now close when Jailbreaker dies
  • Players should no longer get stuck during the “Kill Meg” mission
  • The Luck Cannon’s bonus damage will no longer apply to projectiles from other weapons
  • Inventory stats will no longer be incremented when withdrawing inventory from the bank or stash
  • Eghood is now on a respawn timer and is runnable without having to quit/reload


  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will be able to progress when hacker bot dies during the “File Search in The Nexus” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] The HUD will no longer disappear when pausing in the on Deck 13 ½
  • [Claptastic Voygage] 5H4D0W-TP’s health bar will no longer linger after its death
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Denial Subroutine boss fight is now runnable without having to quit/reload and now has special loot
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Killing Eclipse now grants experience and can trigger Second Wind
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will no longer get stuck on the “The Psychology of Claptrap” mission
  • Button highlights on the main menu friends list will no longer get stuck after a player leaves
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Added Grinder recipes for Claptastic Voyage items
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Updated Loot bug drop pool
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Player characters will lines will now play when picking up H-Source
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed an issue with 5H4D0W-TP not functioning properly on some missions
  • [Claptastic Voyage] A black sphere will no longer appear when the “Enter the Claptrap” mission is in the “TURN IN” state
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed and issue where the introduction cutscene did not play properly
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Increased damage particle size when hitting EOS
  • [Claptastic Voyage] MINAC’s doors will no longer get stuck after level transitions
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will no longer get stuck by jumping in the recycling bin after pulling the lever during the “You Can Stop The Music” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed an issue where players would get stuck after leaving the map during the “Chip’s Data Mining Adventurer” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] The “Cult of the Vault” challenge in Motherlessboard now includes the proper number of Vault Symbols
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed jump pad issues during multiplayer sessions in Claptastic Voyage
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will no longer get stuck after killing the last wave of enemies during the “File Search” mission
  • [Holodome Onslaught] Enemies will now always appear on the minimap in the Holodome arena

The patch notes on Xbox One are very similar, with the Pre-Sequel update on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC featuring many of the same changes you see listed above. To see complete patch notes for each system, click on the corresponding links below.

How big of a download was today’s update(s) for you?

[Source: Gearbox Software (Forum, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC)]