Mortal Kombat X “Kold War” Skin Pack DLC Now Out, Watch the Trailer

Still can’t get enough Mortal Kombat X DLC? Then you’ll be glad to know that the “Kold War Skin Pack” is now available. If you haven’t heard about this bit of content, it gives the fighters included Russian themed costumes.

You can check out the trailer above, which showcases Motherland Sonya Blade, Revolution Kano and Tundra Sub-Zero in all their freezing glory. Those who bought the limited edition and worrying about their exclusive Kold War Scorpion skin, don’t fret, that isn’t part of the package and isn’t available to be purchased separately — at least not yet, anyway.

The Kold War Skin Pack is priced at $3.99 and is available now.

[Source: HardcoreGamer]