Star Wars Battlefront Devs Talk Photogrammetry

EA recently posted on their Star Wars page about how the developers of Star Wars Battlefront are using photogrammetry to get realistic models of trees, stormtroopers, blasters, and more.

EA explained that the Battlefront team visited both the Lucasfilm Cultural Arts Museum and the original Star Wars filming locations, taking images of the landscapes and the props there. The team then used photogrammetry software to turn the images into “high resolution 3D mesh.” Lead Environment Artist Andrew Hamilton explained what the basics of photogrammetry are:

Photogrammetry is essentially the technique of processing still images to produce a high resolution 3D mesh. There are a number approaches to this, but they all involve taking photos of a subject in real-life and running it through photogrammetry software.

Hamilton went on to say that the team really wants players to “feel like they’re inside the movies,” which is why they have been taking images of the original props and landscape and accurately trying to put them into the game.

Our ambition is that players will get the same feeling as we got from our trips: to really feel like they’re inside the movies when playing these iconic locations. Also, we want to open their eyes to new  experiences and new planets.

Star Wars Battlefront releases on PlayStation 4. Xbox One, and PC on November 17. From what you’ve seen so far of the game, do you think the landscapes and models are comparable to the ones in the movies?

[Source: EA Star Wars]