Destiny Saw More Players on May 19 Than at Christmas, Trials of Osiris Event is Live

It appears there’s been no slowing down when it comes to Destiny, with Bungie revealing in their Weekly Update that there were more people playing the game on May 19 – thanks to the House of Wolves launch – than there were at Christmas:

The stampede on May 19th was… impressive. Not even the arrival of the KinderGuardians of Christmas could match the numbers we saw for the opening of Wolf Hunting season. As of 11am on the third day of fighting, Skolas has been captured almost 900,000 times, and evicted from the Prison of Elders with extreme prejudice over 9,000 times.

Activision’s financials earlier this month showed the total number of Destiny players had reached 20 million, with active players playing for an average of three hours per day.

For some other interesting House of Wolves stats, Bungie says 11 billion Glimmer was paid out on day one, and there were over 105 million Engrams to decrypt.

Bungie added, “House of Wolves has a few more secrets tucked up its sleeves. There are battles that have yet to even begin.”

One of those battles is the Trials of Orisis event, which went live at 10am PT/1pm ET earlier today. Running through Monday, this 3v3 elimination mode requires you to get a pass from Brother Vance to enter, as Bungie explains on the event website:

Brother Vance holds vigil in the Reef, awaiting the arrival of Guardians ready to accept the challenge of the Trials. Only he can grant you a Passage to the Trials of Osiris, which will track your wins and losses. Once you rack up nine wins or three losses, you may return the completed Passage to him for rewards you’ve earned through your wins.

How far are you in House of Wolves? Will you be playing Trials of Osiris this weekend?

[Source: Bungie]