Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Finally Comes to Europe Next Month on PS4 & PS3

Having been available in North America since last December, Arc System Works announced that Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~ is releasing in Europe on June 3 as a digital-only title on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Taking place in a world where technology is suppressed and magic reigns supreme, a war with a genetically engineered race of living weapons known as Gears has left tremendous scars on the planet’s surface and decimated the Earth’s human population. In Guilty Gear Xrd ~Sign~, you’ll be fighting on the front lines of a new shadow war, as some Gears still wish to destroy humanity.

With Arc System Works saying that “no other game looks as good, runs as smooth, or plays as well,” here’s an overview of Xrd:

The legendary Guilty Gear series explodes onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 complete with its trademark innovative gameplay and stylish visuals. Master multiple fighting styles, hyper-charged special moves and the famous Roman Cancel system to put the hurt on your opponents.

Get ready for visual and audio overload: there are more than 80 heavy rock tracks to complement the action and the signature Guilty Gear animation style gets a seamless 3D upgrade. Play as fan favourites like Slayer, May and Sol Badguy or new characters Elphelt, Bedman and Leo Whitefang as you fight to save the world from the enigmatic Ramlethal Valentine.

If you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “Ecks-aard.”

[Source: PS Blog]