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Editor’s Letter: The Road to E3 2015

While E3 2015 is still a few weeks away, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle decided to kick our excitement up a notch by starting our E3 coverage even before the show begins.

Yep, if you go to the sites front page, you’ll see a “Road to E3” banner that when clicked, directs you to all of our posts relating to E3. This includes news, features, videos and more. This influx of E3-related content will continue until we come to the day itself; by which point the banner will be replaced with a hub for all our E3 2015 coverage.

Same as before, PSLS will be in full force at this year’s big show. We’ll be covering the press conferences live on the site, and our team on the floor will going hands-on with some of the year’s (and beyond) biggest games. Not only that, but expect interviews with game studios on the show floor, as well as features connected to E3.

So, if you enjoyed our recent E3 features, get ready for more. While the actual event starts on June 16, press conferences and announcements are expected to happen starting on June 14, and even before then. 

Same as always, don’t hesitate to email or tweet me for any suggestions, concerns about the site. We wouldn’t be where we are without you, our readers.


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