Warframe Update Adds New Event and Mission, Enhances Performance

A large Warframe update was released today, bringing performance enhancements and a new event and mission.

According to Digital Extremes Associate Producer Pat Kudirka, who talked about the update on the official PlayStation Blog, the free-to-play title now boasts better multiplayer connectivity and improved frame-rates. The update also brought a new cooperative mission, Trials: The Law of Retribution, that allows eight players to “hunt Vay Hek across the Solar System” and “earn unique rewards.”

A new event, called Operation: Tubemen of Regor, was also added, and players can participate in it now. As if that wasn’t enough, two new PvP modes, Annihilation and Team Annihilation, have been put into the game, allowing players to fight other Tenno across four new maps.

What do you think of the new Warframe update? Will you be trying out the new mission or event?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]