XCOM 2 Developers “Not Opposed” to Bringing Game to Consoles

Even though Firaxis announced that XCOM 2 will only be coming to PC this November, the studio isn’t necessarily ruling out bringing the strategy game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later on.

Speaking with IGN, Creative Director Jake Solomon mentioned that while the team is “not opposed” to bringing the game to consoles, they aren’t considering it yet.

We’re certainly not opposed to that, but I can assure that’s something we’re not even discussing yet.

Solomon then explained that while PS4 and Xbox One systems are technically capable of running XCOM 2, the development team is simply too small to work on a PC version and console versions at the same time. Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis also chimed in, saying that the studio is used to making PC games, and “it just made a lot of sense” to develop the game for PC first.

Internally, with a relatively small team for the size of the game that we are, to be able to say we can focus on our platform that the studio has a pedigree for, and that X-COM: UFO Defense has a pedigree for, as PC-only… it just made a lot of sense, and that’s how we wanted to dedicate our time.

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[Source: IGN]