RAGE 2’s Primary Developer Is Just Cause Studio, Avalanche, But It’ll Still Feel Like an id Software Game

We already knew that Avalanche Studios was working on RAGE 2 but we now have a little more insight into its collaboration with id Software. Speaking to IGN during QuakeCon, game director Magnus Nedfors said that id Software, who developed the first game, is working closely with Avalanche “since day one” but mainly on a “creative level.”

“We at Avalanche are making the game,” confirmed Nedfors. “We have written the code, we have made the art and that stuff. That part of development is made in Stockholm by Avalanche.” However, RAGE 2 will still feel similar to DOOM as the developers have been taught the “id-style” of doing things. Nedfors added that id studio director Tim Willits wanted the game to feel like an id production.

Elsewhere, Nedfors told IGN that RAGE 2 will feature flying vehicles, a very brief glimpse of which we caught in RAGE 2‘s E3 trailer. “There is one car, a bike, and a little flying vehicle that are yours,” he said. “You can evolve them and you can customize them and so on.”

Players will also have the opportunity to steal other vehicles from the wasteland and drive them around. They can collect stolen vehicles by bringing them back to their base, where they’ll be available for continued use.

RAGE 2 is expected to release in Spring 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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