Face a Creepy New Enemy in RAGE 2’s First Expansion

Get ready to return to the wasteland in RAGE 2‘s upcoming expansion, Rise of the Ghosts. The game’s first paid expansion will be available to download on September 26, 2019 and will pit you against a creepy faction known as the Ghosts. It will also include a new area for you to explore, new story content, abilities, and vehicles.

The main plot in RAGE 2’s upcoming add-on will focus around the return of a faction known as the Ghosts. The group is said to have been deadly, as they attacked anyone in their way and left no survivors. Many thought the faction was gone for good after the Authority Wars, but with the Rise of the Ghosts expansion, the group will make its return.

The Ghosts are ready to rise again and it’s up to you to make sure that doesn’t happen. Thanks to the addition of the new Ghost Motorcycle and Feltrite Laser Launcher, you’ll be equipped with what you need to take the Ghosts. Avalanche Studios and Bethesda have stated that they’re aiming to make RAGE 2 feel like an ever-changing experience, so this add-on is a step towards that goal.

The Rise of the Ghosts expansion will be available for $15 or 1500 RAGE Coins.

Here’s what you get with the Rise of the Ghosts expansion:
  • New story
  • New enemy faction – Ghosts
  • New region to explore – Overgrown City
  • New weapon – Feltrite Laser Launcher
  • New Ability – Void
  • New Vehicle – Ghost Motorcycle

Players can also purchase the RAGE 2 Digital Deluxe upgrade for $20. That includes:

  • Rise of the Ghosts
  • Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes
  • Battle Standard
  • Progress Booster

RAGE 2 will also be getting an additional paid expansion later in 2019. We’ll keep you updated with more information about that as it becomes available.

What do you think of the game’s new expansion? Will you be jumping back in to take out the Ghosts? Let us know!

[Source: Bethesda]