Until Dawn Gameplay Shows Choices and Its Consequences

It’s no secret by now that Until Dawn is one scary game. In case you need more proof how full of tension Supermassive’s debut PlayStation 4 game is, the video above might make you a believer.

Watch the Until Dawn gameplay demo that not only lasts 20-minutes long, but shows you how each scenario can be played in multiple ways just by choice. Do you run or hide from the killer who’s wearing a clown mask? See how both options play out.

While some people might scoff at Until Dawn’s simplistic gameplay, it might just be the perfect party game coming out this year. Imagine getting a bunch of people over and them telling you what to do or not do.

Make sure you read our Until Dawn hands-on preview to get a better sense of how it plays.

Until Dawn will be out exclusively on the PS4 this August 25.

[Source: PlayStation UK (Twitter)]