Astebreed Shoots Up the PS4 This Month at 1080p/60fps

A part of the games Playism is bringing to PlayStation systems in the West, Astebreed for PlayStation 4 launches on June 25 in North America at $19.99.

A “shoot-em-up with a cinematic twist” originally released on PC, Astebreed was described by Playism Senior Marketing Manager Nayan Ramachandran:

In Astebreed, your warmachine has access to two powerful weapons: the thought-controlled Lucis system, and a large sword capable of cutting through anything.

The Lucis system is a swarm of nodes that float around your mech, firing lasers. You can either rapidly press the fire button to fire lasers in a straight line, or lock onto enemies and command your Lucis nodes to close in and deal serious damage. While Lucis nodes are locked on a target, however, your available firepower decreases. It’s a good thing you have that sword.

The blade you’re equipped with is not just large, it’s incredibly fast. At close range, you’ll be able to slice enemies open with blindingly fast swipes, ending encounters almost instantly. Using these two unique weapons in tandem is the key to survival (and a high score, of course).

Developed by Edelweiss, the PS4 version of Astebreed runs at 1080p and a “solid” 60fps, with no screen-tearing, thanks to V-sync. They’re also utilizing emissive lighting and improved texture compression, and upping the quality of the 3D models and textures.

In terms of new content, you’ll find new upgrades to your mech, including the ability to control the direction of your focused targeting system using the right stic, and the ability to instantly dash. Furthermore, enemy patterns and placement have been adjusted, while a new Arrange Mode has been created in addition to the Original Mode.

[Source: PS Blog]