Bethesda Conducts The Elder Scrolls Online AMA, Compares Launch to DDoS Attack

Having problems with The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited so far? Then you’re not alone. Fortunately for fans, Bethesda recently held a Reddit AMA where they answer some lingering The Elder Scrolls Online issues.

Conducted by The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Paul Sage, he answers login concerns and server issues. Sage cites that there was so much demand from players that it felt like they experienced a DDoS attack at launch.

Question from Reddit user dominoid73:

  • Congrats on the hoard of players, but obviously prime time queue times are really high and seem to be increasing with each passing night. Can you share any plans you have to help alleviate this in the near future?

Sage’s (posting as ZOS_Sage) response:

I’m going to answer your first bullet: login problems. Please be aware, we are doing everything we can do to make this experience better for everyone. And you are correct – these problems stem from incredible demand for the game. In fact, when we first turned the servers on at game launch, it was like we experienced a DDOS attack – there was so much demand from players that it completely overwhelmed everything. We’ve been working on fixing that ever since, and are getting to the point where we are managing everything through the queue, and login errors themselves are becoming less prevalent.

I apologize for this experience, which I know isn’t awesome for those trying to get in and play. We’re working on fixing the problems as fast as we can. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

And Sage adds, “and we’re also working on increasing capacity – sorry, I didn’t put that in my original post,” which was a reply to another Reddit user who mentioned it’s not pleasant at all when you have to queue up for a game you paid at full price.

Sage also addressed UI concerns, and cites that they want to integrate lootdrops and other stuff to it.

On the UI improvements, I went a little bit further into this on Tasteh’s question. But to answer your question on Lootdrop and other improvements like Advanced inventory filters, yes it’s something we want to integrate into the UI. We’ve started some exploration into getting the loot drop system into the PC but nothing further that I can go into just yet and we would like to improve some of the filtering features of the inventory as well.

You can read up on the rest of the Q&A right here

How’s your time with The Elder Scrolls Online? Have you been able to play regularly?

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[Source: Reddit]