Wattam E3 Trailer Explodes Online

Keita Takahashi, the creative mind behind Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, is getting ready to show the PS4’s Wattam to the world at E3. In fact, his studio Funomena has already released the E3 trailer. Check it out right here:

According to the latest post on the PS Blog, “(A)fter a series of unfortunate events, there was a gigantic explosion which spread the people of Wattam all across the galaxy. As a result of this crazy BOOM, only a few people, a few pieces of world, and the Mayor are left when you begin the game.”

Players familiar to Katamari will notice the familiar goal of “(H)elp the Mayor and Deputies bring all the people and places of Wattam back together again.” It’s the blowing shit up that will sound strange.


You bring as many things together as possible, and then give your world some attention and buzz by making it go kaboom. Bring people together by blowing them up. Perfect, right?

Funomena also made it a point to mention the couch cooperative play. The game can be completely played through by a solo player, but you can also hand an extra controller to friends and family and play together offline.

Wattam doesn’t have a release date yet, but perhaps one might be announced at E3? If it is, we’ll let you know.