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Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Discusses Console Exclusives and Sony’s Holiday Lineup

Folks over at GamerTagRadio recently interviewed Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg to quiz him about the company’s E3 2015 conference and lineup. Greenberg acknowledged that Sony had a “good show” but also pointed out that Microsoft has announced more exclusives than its competitor, and that it has more games coming this holiday.

Sony, in particular had a good show. They focused on fan favorite games and you know they have a different kind of lineup than we do this year. They definitely have some games that I am looking forward to. They have Uncharted 4, which looked great. It’s exciting to see everyone kind of bringing their games and surprises. At the end of the day we do sort of have a scorecard that states how many games we showed versus how many they showed. It was interesting because both showed off 25 games and 11 exclusive games. We showed 7 exclusives coming this Holiday and at least from our count we did not see any of their [exclusive] games confirmed for this year. I think that really is the big difference.

Greenberg went on to say that Microsoft’s holiday lineup coupled with the recently announced backward compatibility feature will entice Xbox 360 owners to migrate to the Xbox One. Sony, on the other hand, announced recently that it will not be considering backward compatibility.

Are you concerned about Sony’s lack of holiday exclusives? Let us know.

[Source: GamerTagRadio via GamingBolt]