Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Adds More Stretch Goals, Ys Net Unable to Talk About Outside Investments

Sitting at nearly $3.2 million after less than three days, the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter has added more stretch goals going all the way up to $5 million:

  • $4.2 million – Baisha Village expanded, Infiltration Mission
  • $4.4 million – Baisha Village expanded, Additional Quest
  • $4.6 million – Baisha Village expanded, Battle Event
  • $5.0 million – Baisha Village expanded, Character Perspective System

In an update to the campaign about stretch goals, the team said more stretch goals will be added as more money is raised. For the known stretch goals, here’s what they had to say:

There are plenty more where that came from and new ones will be revealed as we keep climbing. The next Stretch Goals on the list will add new systems to Shenmue 3 that will give a huge boost to the gameplay. The Rapport System will add a depth of story, interactivity and character development that only Yu Suzuki can bring. The Skill Tree System will give Ryo a new way to level up and specialize his fighting move set. 

Next up is the Baisha Village expansion goals—spend more time exploring Baisha, with extra mini-games, interactive events and a new character system. The Character Perspective System will really let you explore the world of Shenmue through the different character personalities.

As well, the FAQ section was updated, confirming that they cannot make an open world game for $2 million, so they’ve had to rely on other financial backers:

No, we cannot make an open world game for $2 million. Shenmue will be produced using both the funds raised from the Kickstarter and through other funding sources already secured by Ys Net Inc. We are very sorry, but due to contractual obligations, details of outside investments will not be disclosed.

A few other pieces of information say the graphics will improve through development, platforms besides PlayStation 4 and PC haven’t been decided, there won’t be a physical version of Shenmue 3 on PS4 as a reward, Ys Net has gained permission from Sega to use the Shenmue 3 license, and any chances of an HD remake for the first two games lie solely with Sega.

[Source: Kickstarter via Videogamer]