Sony on PS Vita: It’s Still Selling “Respectable Quantities,” a Hundred Games Are in Development

With Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida reiterating at E3 2015 that they likely won’t have any more AAA first-party games for the PlayStation Vita, GameSpot asked PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan if it’s all over for the system.

According to him, the Vita is still selling “respectable quantities” and there are a hundred games in development:

No, not at all. We’re still selling respectable quantities. We have a hundred games in development, and you might say, “Well yeah but they’re all indie games,” but many of these games review very highly. Also the PS4’s Remote Play feature is something that is valued a lot.

Looking at the handheld market as a whole and whether it has collapsed, Ryan replied, “There’s no disputing that it’s not the size it used to be. It’s a much smaller market than when the DS and PSP were in their glory days. But that market still does exist.”

GameSpot followed this up by asking if the Vita would be Sony’s last handheld. Ryan knows it would make a great headline if he answered that, “but I’m not going to give it to you,” he said with a laugh.

[Source: GameSpot]

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