Atlus Explains Why Persona 5 Wasn’t at E3 2015, Still Planning a 2015 Release in North America

Folks over at Polygon asked Atlus PR manager, John Hardin, why the publisher didn’t bring Persona 5 to E3 2015, and according to him, it’s because it wasn’t ready. Hardin went on to say that Persona 5 is one of Atlus’ “biggest titles” and the company has to be careful with it. 

Persona 5 is one of our biggest titles. We have to treat it with delicacy and care. No one likes to be spoiled, and especially not with a title of this magnitude. We just don’t have anything ready.

The good news is that Atlus still plans to release the title within this year in both Japan and North America. The publisher’s official site already mentions this, but Hardin further confirmed to Polygon that a 2015 release is part of the plan. 

It seems that we won’t see Persona 5 anytime soon, but we’ll update our readers as soon as we have more to share.

[Source: Polygon]