Horizon Zero Dawn Crafting and RPG Elements Discussed by Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games showed off gameplay footage of their recently announced title, Horizon Zero Dawn, at E3 2015, but PlayStation Access has just put up a new video that details “what they didn’t show at the conference.”

While the video above features the same exact footage from E3, PS Access talks about what is going in the video as it plays, giving more clues as to what the game will be all about and how it will work. When Aloy is fighting that giant mechanical beast, for example, it is revealed that it has 12 “different places where you can do damage,” and the mechanism behind that is explained.

Another PS Access video, which can be seen below, talks about some “new gameplay details.” In the video, Guerrilla Games explains a bit about crafting and the economy in the game, and mentions that combat in the open-world game is highly tactical. It was also mentioned that the game will feature RPG elements, but will still have fast-paced action.

What do you think of the two videos? For more information about Horizon Zero Dawn, check out our preview of the game here.

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