Warframe Devs Take a Subtle Shot at Destiny, Add Free Emotes

Bungie isn’t exactly having a great week. Following Destiny‘s The Taken King DLC controversy, several folks took shots at Bungie, and it seems that Warframe devs are the latest to do so. However, unlike Techland and others, Digital Extremes has been rather subtle about it. 

Warframe players now have access to four free emotes, out of which three are new. The Clap Emote, Shrug Emote, Fathom Narta, and the returning Eclipse Narta are now available to all. In order to access them, go to Emotes in the Gear section of the Arsenal. “Equip yours now and express yourself!” says Digital Extremes. 

Great timing!

In case you’ve missed it, click here to read what PSLS thinks of the entire Destiny debacle.

[Source: Warframe]