Free Destiny 2 Next-Gen Update Coming Dec 8, Adds FOV Slider on Consoles

Bungie had previously announced Destiny 2’s free next-gen update featuring 4K resolution and 60 fps for the consoles, but we now know Destiny 2 PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will also feature a Field of View (FOV) slider. The developer also announced the next-gen enhancement’s release date, pushing it out to December 8th, nearly a month after Beyond Light’s launch on November 10th.

At launch—and with the launch of the respective next-gen consoles—Destiny 2 will immediately benefit from the faster load times that the new hardware offers. Cross-generational play will also be supported within the same console family, so PlayStation players can all play together, and Xbox players can still play with their friends too, no matter if they decide to upgrade or not. However, the larger enhancements like 4K and 60fps, features long locked to the PC version of the game, won’t be implemented until December 8th. The additional time is to “ensure a smooth experience when playing Destiny 2 on your new devices.”

While the wait may be a little disappointing, it will be worth it when the next-gen consoles get an FOV slider, mimicking the same range the PC version of the game has. Increasing the FOV increases how much you can see on screen, which can give you better peripheral awareness and make the game feel like it’s moving faster (thanks to the edges of the screen being at a farther angle outward. With the increased range of vision comes performance hiccups, however, which is why consoles have traditionally not included the option in the past. Next-gen console power finally allows this option to be available to console players.

All next gen version of Destiny 2 will get the following enhancements:

  • 4K Resolution (1080p on Xbox Series S)
  • 60fps
  • FOV Slider
  • Faster Load Times
  • Cross-Gen Play
  • Free Upgrade

Bungie also notes that while load times will be faster on next-gen, matchmaking will still rely on the lowest common denominator. Players will load into the Tower quickly and be able to pull up inventory much faster than current-gen consoles, but matchmaking into activities like Crucible will still lean on networking, matchmaking, and waiting for all players to load into the game. It’s also suggested that there are more next-generation details to share at some point in the future, including specifics about the FOV slider. Hopefully this also includes some unique features for the PS5 user experience, which was unveiled by Sony earlier today.

Destiny 2 is overall undergoing some big tech improvements under the hood with the release of Beyond Light, as well as a complete overhaul of the new player experience. Both of these new features will be available at the expansion’s launch on November 10th.

[Source: Bungie]