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Australia Bans 220 Games in Four Months

Besides refusing to classify Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the Australian government has also refused classification on around 220 video games in the last four months. 

Refusing to classify a game is essentially banning it, as unclassified games are not able to be sold in Australia. A spokesperson from the Attorney-General’s Department mentioned that this is partly because starting on July 1, games sold through digital storefronts will need to be classified, and that means the Classification Board needs to catch up on a huge number of games — something that “is not realistic or practicable.”

Due to the online explosion, there are hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of games currently available online.

It is not realistic or practicable for the Classification Board to manually classify each of them.

What are your thoughts on the numerous games being refused classification in Australia? Do you think the US will ever start banning games to this degree?

[Source: ABC via IGN]