Life Is Strange 2 Won’t Be Available to Purchase on Digitally in Australia for the Next Two Weeks

The Australian Classification Board (ACB) is bringing the hammer down on another title, but only for a limited time. Starting September 11th, Life is Strange 2 will be unavailable to purchase on digital storefronts in the country. The temporary ban will last for about two weeks, affecting every platform on which the sequel is available. Those who already own the title need not fret; Life is Strange 2 will remain playable. However, on the PlayStation 4, re-downloading the game during the ban period will not be allowed.

At the time of writing, Dontnod Entertainment has yet to specify what the ratings board took issue with. Yet, the studio is working with the ACB to alleviate the problem

Dontnod revealed news of the coming down period in the following post on Twitter:

Life is Strange 2 isn’t the first title to be struck with rating issues in Australia following its release. It likely won’t be the last, either. In August, DayZ was refused classification in the region for its portrayal of drug use. Within weeks the ban was lifted, following developer Bohemia Interactive’s removal of drugs from the experience.

Dontnod’s newly unexplained troubles with the ACB seem to suggest not every episode of Life is Strange 2 is giving the classification board pause. As such, it should be interesting to see how the ACB handles the title’s rating once Dontnod’ ready to ship a physical release.

The sequel’s fourth episode is available across all platforms now. Life is Strange 2’s fifth and final episode will launch later this year on December 3rd.

[Source: Life is Strange on Twitter]