Bloodborne Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki Says It’s “Very Difficult” to Make Conventional Stories Appealing in Video Games

Bloodborne and Souls games creator Hidetaka Miyazaki loves telling non-conventional stories through video games. However, he says he respects any conventional story told well because that’s something “very difficult” to achieve. During an interview with GamesMaster magazine, Miyazaki was asked if he’d ever tell a “straight” story in video games, to which he said:

I never dislike a story that is conventional and easy to understand. Conventional stories are great. I respect any works that have managed to make the conventional stories appealing as it’s very difficult to achieve. I’d like to challenge myself to create one someday. But then people might say, ‘Is this story meant to be conventional?!’ 

With reference to the stories behind the locations in Bloodborne, Miyazaki was asked if he crafts such stories only for a certain number of people to delve into them. He responded by saying that he doesn’t think of numbers, but does feel that there are people out there, like his team at From Software, that enjoy digging deep. Miyazaki went on to say that he enjoys creating in-game maps because “it’s the process to gather a thread of meaning to explore.” “If I had to choose one area in game development to work in, I’d choose it,” he said.

That said, Miyazaki doesn’t intend to create things that players don’t delve into, and he isn’t disappointed if they don’t either.

I’m not disappointed if aspects remain undiscovered by players. Of course, I’m not intending to create aspects that shouldn’t be delved, but I still believe this world would be ‘bleached’ and lose its fascinating aspects if all the mysteries of it became perfectly clear.

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[Source: GamesMaster via GamesRadar]