Rocket League Servers Down & Experiencing Issues, PS4 Overheating Reports Being Investigated (Update 4)

Update 5 (July 10):

Follow along to the latest with Rocket League over here.

Update 4 (July 9):

The Rocket League Twitter account said at 10:34am: “Servers are currently down while we address issues. We are prepping a hotfix patch for PS4 and Steam to deploy soon to improve stability.”

You can follow along to the latest with Rocket League over here, which includes details on a workaround for the PS4 overheating issue.

Update 3 (July 8):

Along with a hotfix scheduled for today to help with the server issues, the latest update says things are slowing returning to normal:

Here’s some more status updates for today, July 8:

If you’re still experiencing issues, they said at 9;28am PT, “We’re aware of reports of people having trouble getting into servers and are investigating.”

At 11:55am PT, @RocketLeague added, “User count continues to rise w/ matchmaking/ server issues. We are attempting to scale & react. Thanks for your continued coolness.”

[1:21pm PT] “Servers will be down for a short period due to an upgrade. Should be back up soon.”

Update 2 (11:20am PT):

With Rocket League going live to PlayStation Plus members in North America, the Twitter account said:

Welcome to our new players! We are currently having server issues (Yay, we’re in the club!), but are making progress. Update soon.

Welcome PS Plus users. While you wait for the MP servers to come online today, remember to play Season Mode, Play Training, Learn the game!

There’s also issues with the PlayStation Network itself today.

Update (10:25am PT):

Regarding the servers, @RocketLeague said, “We’ll update with an ETA on servers as soon as we have one. We’ve seen progress on log-in stability with 18k people connected.”

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, people are reporting that Rocket League and its menus are making their PS4 overheat. In a response, Psyonix said:

We are aware of the issue and investigating. We’re in contact with Sony as well. Unfortunately the issue is not clear cut, despite people citing other similar cases, but we recognize it is important to get solved ASAP.

I can say we’ve been playing and testing this game for months in the office without issue to our PS4s, and thousands of people played yesterday and in our public betas without incident. We have no reason to believe it’s unsafe for your console. In the interim, if your fan is loud, I would suggest placing your PS4 in a well ventilated space and standing it up if possible.

As one Redditor said, “If you have to take a break, do not leave the game running on a menu screen. Either quit or go into a training/freeroam session to prevent unnecessarily heating up your PS4.”

Stay tuned for more updates as they arrive.

Original Story:

With Rocket League on PlayStation 4 going free to PlayStation Plus members in Europe earlier today, the official Twitter account announced that servers were having issues about six hours ago and have been down/offline for the most part since then:

[3:28am PT] It wouldn’t be a launch without our first server hiccup. We are investigating now! Stay tuned.

[3:45am PT] Update: We are restarting the servers so you might get kicked from a game if you’re trying to connect. Apologies! More when they’re back!

[3:50am PT] So uh… did you hear the one about the game that had a server outage on launch day? Oh wait, that’s us now too. #Figures

[4:19am PT] We cannot confirm or deny that our MP servers are offline as a sneaky way to play your our entire soundtrack so you’ll want to buy it

[7:21am PT] We are still investigating server issues and appreciate your patience. In the meantime, Season mode beckons…

The most recent update, which was sent out at 9:20am PT, says, “We are making progress on the servers – hang in there everybody. The PS+ hug of death is real.”

With Rocket League going live in North America within the next few hours as a free game to PlayStation Plus members, expect the server issues to continue throughout the day.

We’ll keep you updated on any changes to the status of Rocket League’s servers today.

[Source: Rocket League (Twitter)]