Rocket League Servers Offline, Psyonix Investigating (Update)


9:55am PT: “We ran into a database issue while allowing chunks of players back into servers. Investigating now.”

10:30am PT: “Database issues still persist. Team working to resolve. Current ETA is TBD… SMH.”

12:38pm PT: “Database optimizations underway. We have restarted the servers and are SLOWLY letting people back in — will take a bit.”

1:05pm PT: “Matchmaking success rate dropped to 60%. Compensating. Imagining saying this all in a robot voice…”

Original Story:

After sending out a patch/hot fix yesterday to help improve server performance and stability, Rocket League developer Psyonix said last night, “We will continue to optimize and improve going daily. THANK YOU for hanging with us.”

Unfortunately, at 6:15am PT/9:15am ET today, Psyonix revealed that the Rocket League servers were currently down:

We are aware of the current server outage and investigating. Thank you for your patience.

Sitting at over 1.2 million players since launch earlier this week as a PlayStation Plus free title, Rocket League has been having connectivity issues ever since day one.

Psyonix also discussed the game on Twitter, with some of the interesting pieces of information below:

  • In-game spectating is in the works and a “high priority.”
  • “Ranked 3v3 is slated for the future. Ranked 4v4… not sure about that one yet.”
  • Asked about trying to get Rocket League as an eSport game, Psyonix said, “You’ll hear about those first steps pretty soon, actually.”
  • If you want to try the PlayStation 3 exclusive Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, Psyonix said, “If enough people wanted, we could probably move the original game to PS Now — that would allow PS4 players to give it a go.”
  • “Our first DLC arena is inspired by the original game’s Utopia map.”
  • They’re discussing options for penalties to players who leave games early.
  • Flags coming to Rocket League include Puerto Rico, Northern Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, and the Dominican flag. In that same flag update, the Mexican flag will be fixed.
  • A South American/Latin American playlist is being built.

Stay tuned for more status updates throughout the day.

[Source: Rocket League (Twitter)]

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