Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit Was a “Huge Waste of Time,” Says Randy Pitchford

Back in May, Gearbox Software was dropped from the controversial Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit brought against the company and SEGA, alleging false advertisement of the game. Gearbox always maintained that it should never have been included in the lawsuit as it was neither the game’s publisher nor seller. Speaking to this week, Gearbox President and CEO Randy Pitchford said that the lawsuit was a “huge waste of time” and that the legal system was being manipulated using “mafia style extortion tactics.”

That whole thing was a huge waste of time. The market proved it was doing its job perfectly. The market is dispassionate – rewarding what it likes and punishing what it doesn’t. There is an objectivity and fairness in the open market’s harsh, firm justice.

For every place the market succeeded, the legal system failed as it was being manipulated by what appeared to me to be essentially mafia style extortion tactics. Sadly, the manipulation would have actually worked, as it had in other cases with those same guys and to the detriment of the industry and gamers and actual, you know, justice. But those guys made a mistake in naming us as defendants because we stood up to them That’s all it took – someone to stand up yo them. And so they lost since they didn’t have a legitimate case.

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