Plaintiffs Drop Gearbox Software From Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

Gearbox Software has now been dropped from the Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit, although the suit still stands against Sega.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which claims that the developers of the game falsely advertised the game’s visuals, agreed to drop Gearbox from the suit after the company claimed it never should have been included in it, as “it was neither the publisher or the seller of the video game at issue.”Apparently, in return, Gearbox has agreed not to seek legal fees.

In addition to Gearbox being dropped, the judge in the case also ruled that the case in no longer a class action lawsuit. Instead, it will only be representative of the two original people that filed the suit back in April of 2013. The plaintiffs have until June 3 to decide how they want to handle the case against Sega, at which point they will need to inform the court.

Do you think that Gearbox got off easy? Or do you believe that they really were not involved with the false advertising of Aliens: Colonial Marines?

[Source: Polygon]