Rocket League Servers Having “Ups and Downs Today,” Psyonix Working on Solutions to Issues (Update)

Update (July 14):

Here’s what Psyonix is saying about Rocket League today, July 14:

11:49 AM PT: Matchmaking reliability is currently fluctuating. You may be affected or entirely unaffected. Weird, but investigating.

12:55 PM PT: Matchmaking at about 50/50 success rate with extended times. Not an answer we like to give, but it’s the latest.

1:50 PM PT: Matchmaking reliability continues to fluctuate with extended search times. Success rate has increased to 65%, though.

Original Story:

So far with Rocket League today, developer Psyonix has confirmed that there were long matchmaking times five hours ago, a bit of downtime due to a matchmaking spike four hours ago, and more long matchmaking two hours ago.

Keeping everyone up to date with the latest, the game’s Twitter account said the matchmaking servers should be improved, but its having ups and downs today:

1:30PM PT: Matchmaking should be improved, but it is having ups and downs today. Apologies in advance (and in the future… and now)

1:43 PM PT: We have identified some of the issues causing MM problems today. Running through various solutions now.

1:48 PM PT: We are attempting a live fix for the MM problems. If that doesn’t work, we may need some downtime. Will keep you updated.

So, if you’re having issues playing an online game in Rocket League, the developer is aware and working on fixes.

Over the weekend, Psyonix revealed some big milestones for Rocket League in its first week, including over 150,000 concurrent players on Sunday, and nearly two million players in total on PlayStation 4 and PC as of Saturday afternoon.

They added, “Other milestones. Website smashed, servers crushed, forums killed, too many lag spikes, downtime, and matchmaking probs. We’ll work on it!”

If you’ve yet to download Rocket League, it’s currently free on PlayStation Plus this month.

[Source: Rocket League (Twitter)]