Rebellion: VR Not a Gimmick, Will Stand Alongside “Flat Screen Gaming”

Like it or not, the virtual reality movement is happening and it will soon takeover the PlayStation 4 with Project Morpheus.

Will VR — and Project Morpheus — gain enough market share so it’s not just seen as a gimmick? While we can’t say for sure, Battlezone (the reboot) developer Rebellion thinks it will. In an exclusive interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley and Battlezone Lead Designer Steve Bristow answered our questions regarding the game and their thoughts on VR.

We asked Rebellion whether they think VR will gain enough market share so it’s not just seen as a gimmick, and here’s what Jason Kingsley said:

JK: I don’t think it is a gimmick, a gimmick would be something that has no real value.  Put on a VR headset and play the right sort of game, and you’ll quickly see what I think this is a whole new area for games to expand and explore. It will stand alongside ‘flat screen’ gaming though, not replace it.

Kingsley’s statement echoes that of Sony Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida’s thoughts on VR, where he thinks the experience can’t be done on conventional TVs and consoles.

Do you think Kingsley is correct in his assumption or will VR fizzle out just like what happened with motion controls?