Rainbow Six Siege Interactive Trailer Shows Off Co-Op Multiplayer Gameplay

Ubisoft has just released an interactive trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, showing off multiplayer gameplay and offering up a few helpful and informative flashcards.

Essentially, the trailer is simply what looks like raw gameplay footage from a co-operative multiplayer mode in the shooter. When something exciting happens, though, such as the player breaking through a window or using a special gadget, viewers can click on a little card to see more details on what’s going on. Due to the “interactive-ness,” the trailer can’t be embedded here, but you can head on over to the official Rainbow Six website to check it out.

Rainbow Six Siege is set to come out on October 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. What did you think of the new interactive trailer?

[Source: Rainbow Six via NeoGAF]