EA Beat Earning Expectations This Quarter, Still Expects PS4 and Xbox One to Reach Combined 49 Million Units Sold in 2015

The number of PlayStation 4 units sold has reached a strong 25.3 million systems, and EA COO Peter Moore still believes that the total number of Xbox One and PS4 units sold will be around the 49 million mark by the end of 2015

Speaking during a recent Q1 earnings call, Moore said that the consoles are on track to reach that number, and also mentioned that EA software sales are up in this generation of consoles compared to where they were during the last generation.

We’re now 20 months in and if we go like-for-like on the previous generation, we’re up 44% installed base hardware versus where we were Xbox 360, PS3, et al. And our attach rate for software is slightly ahead as well. When correcting for full-game downloads, digital full-game downloads and hardware bundles, we’re at 6.1% right now versus 5.9% in the same period in the previous generation.

It was also reported during the earnings call that EA beat Q1 expectations by posting GAAP net revenues of $1.20 billion. Despite that, however, the number was still down year-over-year, as the same time last year the company’s revenue was around $1.21 billion. Due to the posted Q1 net revenue, the publisher raised its full-year GAAP revenue expectations from $4.25 billion to $4.30 billion.

[Source: Seeking Alpha via Games Industry, VideoGamer]