Media Molecule Details Tearaway Unfolded PS4 Companion App Functionality

Media Molecule has detailed Tearaway Unfolded‘s PlayStation 4 companion app functionality, a visual demonstration of which you can see above. The app works via the official PlayStation app for mobile devices as well as through the PlayStation Vita’s Second-Screen function. 

If your mobile device has a camera, you’ll be able to take photos and then import them into the cutting mat, which allows players to unleash their creative side and draw whatever they want. According to Media Molecule:

A really cool thing about the app is that it’s context-sensitive, meaning that players controlling the app can directly affect what the player is currently playing through in the game itself. You could be customising your Messenger on the TV while your friend uses the app to cut out a beard which will then appear on your Messenger in the game! If your friend takes a photo on the app, this will also appear in the game for you to cut up and edit on the big screen. And as you’re running through the game world discovering new lands and battling Scraps, anything made on the app (shapes, decorations and photos) can be sent into the game, which will float through the air or pop up on the ground beneath your feet. It adds another layer to the fun.

Tearaway Unfolded‘s companion app can also be used to access, which hosts our personal profile page for Tearaway online. Our profile page is home for all things related to the game – player progress, photos, papercraft models, and community interaction. For a full text description of how the app works, click here.

Tearaway Unfolded launches on September 8. The game recently went gold.