Bungie Releases Destiny: The Taken King Prologue Cinematic

With Destiny‘s upcoming expansion The Taken King a little over a month away, Bungie has released its prologue cinematic (above) with the following description:

Six of you went down into the pit. You slew a god. With his last breath, he reached out across the night, and now, the night has answered.

The Taken King is coming for us all, warns Eris Morn. 

In case you’ve missed it, check out the expansion’s “We Are Guardians” trailer, which depicts the terrifying Oryx that Guardians will be up against. Also, don’t forget that the DLC will eliminate Destiny‘s soft level cap and introduce new gear.

The Taken King will be out on September 15 for PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.